Prosthetic Design Centre (PDC)

PDC is a comprehensive suite of CAD software for the creation of high-tech Dental Prosthetics that allows Dentists and Dental Technicians to collaborate in a Digital Workflow resulting in better patient care.
Georges Sara, Stoneglass Industries

Georges Sara – Director of Stoneglass

For the majority of my professional life I have been engaged in experimenting on how I can improve what I do in my daily life, with my technical skills in my chosen career as a “Dental Technician”, and how I can make life easier for dentists and dental laboratories as well as patients, and improve the efficiency of dentistry by new technologies and innovative solutions.

As a CAD/CAM Product Development leader since 1999 with a passion for delivering “what’s next” and improving “what’s now” for Dentists and Dental Laboratories that value innovation and creation, and in a fast-track career through research and development projects, I have had a measurable impact on Australian CAD/CAM technology and product innovation. I am always looking for innovative and creative ways and great solutions; something different to help people at work.

We strongly believe CAD/CAM engineering is revolutionising dentistry, and Australia should be a dental CAD/CAM technology leader in the world, not just an importer. We believe in our capabilities and competencies in such a great nation of opportunity. At Stoneglass we have built a great team of people around me that support the leadership that I encourage to be followed with consistency, integrity, humility and in the belief in Australian innovation.

We at Stoneglass have invested a great deal of time and money in Research and Development since 1999. Now, we have great dental solutions for dentists and dental laboratories to improve the patient experience and care.

Prosthetic Design Centre (PDC) – Virtual to Reality

Stoneglass Industries Sydney Australia


Thank you for visiting the (Prosthetic Design Centre), PDC website. We hope you enjoy what you see and read. The purpose of this website is to showcase the results of our Research and Development that is undertaken at Stoneglass in Sydney Australia. Stoneglass also want to take this opportunity to publicly thank our valued partners in providing us with the trust of their products, so we can innovate and develop our technology.

At Stoneglass our fundamental belief is that development starts with a patient needing a specific Prosthetic to return to living a normal confident daily life. So what better way in leading the research and development with live cases, that are tracked throughout the full complete clinical design, manufacturing, and patient issue process. The core principles that have been followed with our clinical workflows include:

  • accurate measurement of the oral anatomy,
  • correct vertical dimensions,
  • correct occlusion for function
  • final tooth position,
  • that leads to a confident smile.

With Prosthetic Design Centre, the final prostheses are designed from these 5 core principles. Every product that you will read and see has been designed by the software solutions in PDC, DentaBite, BiiBCAD, ProsCAD, Shell Crown and Bridge, Virtual BiiB, Surgical planning and Guide, Diagnostic Planning CAD and Custom Tooth Card CAD. Stoneglass engineers have used traditional engineering principles to create software tools that allow the user to experience creativity that has not been available before. This creativity has brought together the dentist and dental technician to collaborate together in a digital communication workflow that results in better patient care. The predictability of the final result is assured because the digital workflow actually quality controls the designing process before any parts are actually manufactured. The final prosthetic part is also quality controlled using traditional quality control tools, “the articulator”. Therefore Stoneglass engineers have brought together traditional “analog” techniques used in the laboratory/surgery and combined them with traditional industrial technologies that then represent innovation that was not possible before.

Every product that you will read and see has been also manufactured by the CAM fully developed on site at Stoneglass. The materials focused on in our onsite developed CAM includes: Heraeus acrylics and denture teeth, Vita denture teeth, super polymers, titanium alloys, zirconia, e.max and non-precious alloys.

Every product that you will read and see has been produced on site using 3D printing, industrial milling and grinding, sintering, laser measuring scanning and touch measurement using CMM metrology.

Every product that you will read and see has been ordered by general dentist, implant dentist and specialist prosthodontist in Australia and other places around the world.

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