Origins of Stoneglass Industries

What constitutes Stoneglass Industries today originated as a seed of thought for Georges Sara in 1989 (a Senior Dental Technician in the employ of Westmead Dental University Hospital) during a seminar held by Professor Urns Brodbeck on Metal Free Ceramics (IPS Empress).

Whilst attending the seminar Georges was brought to a rare moment in time that defines past and present, and opens avenues for future pathways that cry out to be acted upon. A ‘lightning bolt’ of thought embedded itself into this industrious Senior Dental Technician and ultimately transformed his career path and direction into what is known today as Stoneglass Industries.

The stimulus for this transformation was Professor Brodbeck’s discussion on current trends in ceramic:

Japanese industries were developing and making ceramic engines… [the implications were enormous. If the Japanese could make ceramic engines…] that could replace metal free ceramics…

And so the seeds of thought and innovation began to develop.

2001 to 2009

Stoneglass Industries is an entirely Australian owned and operated company. Stoneglass® has created an innovative ceramic production system specializing in dental cosmetics. Stoneglass brings together a diverse team of professionals including: dentists, dental technicians, medical engineers, software engineers, ceramic specialists and machining experts.

We have consistently used the highest quality expertise available both within Australia and overseas and consequently our motivated team has produced a state-of-the-art industrial scanning and milling facility for the dental industry. The research and development for this facility commenced in 2001 with the main aim to develop a dental milling system that is flexible enough to give the consumer a choice.

Since the Australian market launch of Glacier Technologies Australia in 2006 Stoneglass has concentrated on and continues to concentrate on developing their product range. Over the last 15 years Stoneglass has successfully developed customization of Zirconia ,Non Precious alloy and Titanium Abutments in over 30 implant systems.

These CAM developments has moved Stoneglass to start its own CAD developments, focusing on a full 360 degree work flow from Clinical protocols , technical protocols , prosthetic manufacturing that are all connected by a cloud based system for total communication protocols.

2009 to Present

In 2009 Stoneglass was contracted to develop the automation of the LVI orthotic. This resulted with Stoneglass first piece of design software (CAD) with the full workflow application of , material, manufacturing the final Orthotic by milling process,(CAM).This was completed by the middle of 2010.

This exciting achievement lead to the development of the first digital occlusal splint in the world, proudly branded ‘DentaBite”.

During the development of the DentaBite splint, Stoneglass engineers recognized that there is a core principle that need to be understood when developing prosthetics that are going to live in the oral anatomy, “occlusion”.

This lead to the development of the software suite called BiiBCAD. Totally focusing on occlusion and tooth position, from their implant full arch reconstruction is actually virtually design to support the core principle of occlusion.

From this, ProsCAD was born for complete and partial dentures which lead to the creation of the single software solution suite Prosthetic Design Centre – PDC.

We believe at Stoneglass that we are the only dental laboratory facility in the world that designs and manufactures its own dental prosthetics from software and processes developed 100% in-house. Everything that is fabricated and designed is all based on digital/virtual technology, but we still believe that analog/traditional technology has a great part to play in all prosthetic design and manufacture. That is, we rely on proven analog/traditional technology to Quality Control our digital process for design and manufacture of prosthetic parts.