Dentabite® Occlusal Splint


Tissue Borne Restorations

Complete Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial Chrome Dentures

Implant Borne BiiB Bridge Restorations

Full Arch BiiB Bridges

Partial BiiB Bridges

ABC Implant Fixed Bridge Range




ABC Implant Removable Bridge Range




Additional Clinical Workflow Products

Registration Rim

3D Printed registration rim.

Implant Indexing Jig

3D Printed Implant Indexing Jig.

Tooth Try-In

3D Printed tooth try-in for clinical measurements and in-situ adjustment.

Polymer frame with Registration Rim and Try-in Framework

Polymer bars to support 3D printed MMR and tooth try-ins.

Titanium interim frame

Titanium interim frame to support 3D printed tooth try-in.

Special Tray

Patient specific special tray

Diagnostics and Planning

Shell Crown

Shell Bridge

Surgeon Guide

3D Printed Surgeon Guide.

Diagnostic Tooth Position

3D Printed diagnostic tooth position and study model.

CAD Designed Screw Retained Frameworks

Removable Implant Bars

Removable implant bars with locator or ball attachments.

Titanium Hybrid Bridge

All on four or more implant hybrid bridges in Titanium.

Non Precious Hybrid Bridge

All on four or more implant hybrid bridges in Non Precious Co-Cr.

Cutback Frame for Ceramic

Ceramic application cut back non precious frames.