Stoneglass Industries Distributor of Shining 3D Dental Scanners

Stoneglass Industries is proud to partner with Shining 3D in integrating their dental scanners into the PDC solution.  The synergy between PDC software and the Shining 3D scanners allows for an easy-to-use workflow.

Further details on the range of scanners available from Shining 3D is available from or contact us at

AutoScan-DS100 Dental 3D Scanners

AutoScan-DS100 has been designed specially for fixed denture restoration in dental labs. It is a highly cost-effective3D scanner for entry level digital dental solution.AutoScan-DS100 dental 3D scanner adopts blue light scanning technology and has great capability of anti-interference. It has the advantages of scanning with superior data quality and high speed, etc.

AutoScan-DS200+ Dental 3D Scanner

SHINING 3D AutoScan-DS200+ Ultra Fast Dental 3D Scanner has been upgraded from AutoScan-DS200. The scan speed is greatly improved and single jaw dental arch scanning takes within 20s!
SHINING 3D AutoScan-DS200+ is equipped with color texture scan function. The texture and marking line on the plaster model can be captured clearly, which offer reference for dental technician in the digital design and also provides strong support for the removable denture restoration design. The impression scan data is also fit for orthodontics.