PDC – Prosthetic Design Centre

Dentabite® CAD

Design a Dentabite® occlusal splint.


Follow the BiiBCAD® digital workflow post-surgery for the restoration of full arch or partial arch cases using screw retained prosthetics.


Follow the ProsCAD® digital workflow to virtually setup and design dentures.

Virtual BiiB CAD

Design a BiiB framework from scans of existing models.

Surgical Planning and Guide CAD

From a virtual setup or an existing denture design a surgeon’s guide to be used for implant surgery.

Shell Crown & Bridge CAD

Design a diagnostic shell crown and/or bridge.

Diagnostic Planning CAD

Plan the aesthetics with a virtual setup over dentate or edentulous patients and create diagnostic try-ins.

Custom Tooth Card Creator - Design a custom tooth card library from a scan of natural teeth.

Custom Tooth Card CAD

Build a tooth card from a scan of natural teeth.

Virtual Tooth Setup

Virtual Tooth Setup

From the VITA or Heraeus tooth card library virtually setup the final aesthetics and function of teeth and gum.

3D Avatar

Create a 3D avatar of the patient superimposed over the virtual setup.

2D Face View

Superimpose front and side images of the patient over the virtual setup.

Virtual Articulation

Adjust the vertical dimension and simulate function based on the precise positioning of the virtual setup in a virtual articulator.

Manufacturing Software Developed by Stoneglass


CAM software for the manufacture of screw retained implant bridges from Titanium Alloy, Co-Cr Alloy and Zirconia.

Milling Centre CAM

CAM software for the manufacture of Zirconia Crowns, Bridges and Copings; Custom Abutments from Zirconia, and Titanium Alloy and Co-Cr Alloy.

Denture and Dentabite® CAM

CAM software for the milling of denture bases and Dentabite® splints.

E.max CAM

CAM software for the manufacture of Crowns and Bridges from E.max.

Tooth Card CAM

CAM software for the milling of original manufacturer tooth cards for assembly into ABC+D and Denture prosthetics.